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MEATEC is combining the cold ambient weather in Siberia with green abundant renewable hydro powered Bitcoin- and cryptocurrency mining and bringing it to anyone anywhere in the world (retail as well as institutional) – at the worlds most competitive prices!





We offer a rock-solid service based on European business ethics, German management skills, Danish punctuality and due diligence mixed with Russian know-how and tech. Selling and hosting hardware for both the crypto enthusiast as well as ‘mom n’ pops’ has never been easier and more accessible. We can offer you everything from a fully self-managed solution with VPN-access to our white-glove service, where you don’t have to do anything but watch your interest grow on your mined revenue.


Sustainable co-location service

All of our co-location data center uses green surplus hydro power from the rivers and dams in Siberia. Lake Baikal – the worlds biggest fresh water lake, that never runs dry – delivers all the power we need without harming the environment or local population in the process. We never really experience seasonal fluctuations in the weather conditions, like they do in China fx., where many co-location data centers experience floodings during the wet season. These fluctuations in the weather forces them to migrate each year risking both the lives of the hardware, the co-location facilities but certainly also the workers. All of this is eventually reflected in the hosting price. At MEATEC we have a CONSTANT price, weather and co-location facility ALL year round – just like that!




How does it work?

Order a miner online, pay with crypto or fiat via SEPA transfer and wait for our team to install it and the crypto flows directly into your self-controlled wallet. Or you can send us your currently owned machines from anywhere in the world and we’ll help you with the shipping and customs declarations via our trusted partners. Your machines your crypto!


Sustainable Mining!


What’s included?




Mining Pool

Single miners dont stand a chance to win the competitive hashrate race – to mine bitcoin blocks alone – any longer and therefore mining pools were created. Choosing the correct mining pool is alpha-omega and with our partnerships with some of the leading mining pools in the world, we provide the best conditions for your mining experience via economy of scale.




Our online shop always shows the current miners available or the ones on the way. If you have any special requests please reach out to us and we’ll provide you with the best deals through our worldwide partners in the crypto mining sphere. Keep an eye on the shop for special deals, group buys, promotions and sign up for our newsletter.



Profitability Calculator

Use our interactive Profitability Calculator to calculate which machines are the best ones to buy at any given time. If in doubt or you have any questions always reach out to the team and we’ll try to advice you as good as we can based on our many years of experience in the space.




The dashboard is your single-point-of-entry, where you can monitor your machines and earnings 24/7. Adjust your pay-out frequencies, change your wallet address, put your miners on pause, if it’s not profitable to mine for a period of time, see which price-tier you are currently on etc.



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Meet the Team

Meet our international team of engaged, dedicated and knowledgable crypto miners, that they themselves have ‘skin in the game’. If you don’t get wet dipping your own toes in the water it’s difficult to guide others. Our CEO and Co-founders are Germans and started mining in Austria’s cold and water-full mountains – already seeing the benefits of hydro power from the get go. The team has gradually been expanding with more German people as well as a Dane and some Russians.
 From time to time we’ll be expanding the team so keep an eye out in 
‘We are hiring’


Daniel Haas

Founder & CEO

Gianni Penna


Alexander Swid

Lead Developer

Rasmus Hojland


Markus Volmer





We understand the crypto mining business inside out, as we too are active miners and have started out as hobby-miners in our ‘garages’.


Zusammenfassung: Hier finden Sie die 51 Meatec Erfahrungen der Community. Auf einer Skala von 1-5 wird Meatec mit 4 Sternen bewertet. Das ist das Ergebnis aus 51 Erfahrungsberichten. Die durchschnittliche Bewertung von Mining Anbieter auf Crypto Review liegt bei 4 Sternen. Alle Mining Anbieter Bewertungen setzen sich aktuell aus 115 Erfahrungsberichten zusammen. Wir haben für Sie auch Meatec Alternativen zusammengestellt. Erfahrungsbericht abgeben Wir freuen uns sehr über einen ehrlichen und authentischen Erfahrungsbericht.


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Why select us?

We understand the crypto mining business inside out, as we too are active miners and have started out as hobby-miners in our ‘garages’.


Business Expansion

If you want to make a passive earning and grow your private portfolio or that of your company, then let us help you getting started. You avoid all the hassle of hosting and maintaining the machines yourself as you entrust us with this tedious task.

We source new and second hand machines from ALL the reputable brokers in the crypto miningspace, and we ALWAYS land the best deals, as we crowd source and pool our orders via economy of scale with our partners.
We take on the risk of dealing with scammy brokers and distributors, so you don’t have to!

We are happy, when you are happy! – without you there is no us! ‘Your machines – Your crypto!’ or ‘Our machines – Your hashrate!’ PERIOD!

We have no saying in how you want to run your machines or rent our hashrate and we have no hidden fees, disclaimers, and special rules, that we all of a sudden add on check-out. You sign a hosting contract with us, where the signing parties (you as the customer and us as the hosting provider) agree on the terms and conditions and we activate it, when you are satisfied. If you are not satisfied you can always negotiate (some) of your terms and conditions within reasonability, so they fit within the scope of our terms and conditions that we too have towards our collaborators, partners and power company etc.



Full Transparency

We run with our full given birthnames and faces on our webpage, SoMe spaces and businesscards, as we have absolutely nothing to hide and we are not afraid of ‘$5-wrench-attacks’ as we always have a bigger wrench – trust us!

You are always welcome to come visit us in our offices in Germany or in our datacenter in Irkutsk, where you can say ‘hi’ to your very own machine or see the machines that are piecing together your provided hashrate. Start your mining journey with us now


Reputed Company

MEATEC LLC has slowly established itself on the international crypto mining colocation scene as a reliable business partner, stable colocation and collaborator, that talks the talk and walks the walks as our team members has already been to many IRL events getting acquianted with many faces in meat space. We run our company with strict European business ethics, morale and mindset as we are all Germans, Austrians, Danes and French.

We have customers from all over the world – and especially Germany – that can testify to that. ‘Quadratisch, Praktisch, Gut’ gets you a long way in a round, opaque and scammy crypto mining world without beeing too rigid and hard-headed.


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