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We are a full-service cryptocurrency mining provider. Our farms all over the world are being powered by green electricity only!

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We have different kinds of ASIC Miners available combined with hosting services for only 5.8$ cents per kWh. Also the shipment to our farms is included!

Our service fee (15%) is deducted from the profit after electricity costs.

You receive 85% of the net profit.

Your benefits at a glance:

Hardware & Hosting

We don’t sell only hardware, we bring you the all-in-one package with hardware, shipment to our data centers, installation and operation of your mining hardware. You can just lean back and leave the technical work to us.

Mining Facilities

Your mining hardware is hosted in our data centers in the USA and Russia with optimized infrastructure and cooling solutions so your devices can do their thing.

Green Energy

Our farms all over the world are being powered by green energy only! The reason is simple: It is much cheaper and better for our environment.


We run your hardware in our facilities.


We ship the miner to one of our facilities for free.


The commissioning of your hardware is free-of-charge.


Check all your mining data with our brand new Dashboard.


Steady payments of your profits directly to your wallet.

Why MeaTec?


Our facilities guarantee a 95% uptime of your mining equipment.


With the MeaTec Dashboard you have insights in all important data concerning your mining hardware.

Additional costs

You don’t have to worry about extra costs after your purchase. Everything is inclusive.

Your device, your property

MeaTec does not own your device but is renting it from you.

Low electricity costs

Our partners can offer us exceptionally low electricity costs, so you can get the best prices possible.


You can monitor your devices’ performance and income in our MeaTec dashboard.

Professional help and support

All our employees have long experience with mining equipment and logistics. You can contact us at any time.

Lean back and earn Bitcoin

With MeaTec you don’t need to invest much time and effort. We take care of everything regarding your mining devices, like shipping, installation and repairs.

Payouts in Bitcoin

Your monthly earnings will be safely payed out to your personal wallet in Bitcoin.

Overclocking after warranty expires

You have the possibility to overclock your device to increase efficiency (only recommended after warranty is expired). You can request overclocking via email.

GPU / Rig Mining available

If you own a GPU or Rig Miner, you can also send us your miner to take care of it. Send us an email to clarify all the details of hosting your GPU Miner.

About Us

MeaTec is a young company which has been dealing with cryptocurrenies and mining since 2017, especially Bitcoin and Ethereum. Our focus is on customer service.

Our Mission: Easy, satisfactory and friendly service for our customers!


Daniel Haas

Chief Executive Officer

Gianni Penna


Andreas Traxl

Financial Management & Dashboard Support

Sarah Klostermair

Webdesign & Business Development

Alexander Swid

Marketing, Graphic Design & Customer Support

Markus Volmer

Social Media & PR Manager
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Overclocking ASIC Miners with Immersion Cooling

Why overclocking? Over-clocking is a way of ‘tuning’ your computer by increasing the clock frequency and voltage of the CPU. The CPU is the brain of your computer. Since we have had electronic or mechanical piece of hardware people have been drawn to the rush of greater performance. They are always trying to tweak their [...]

Partnership Stakecube & MeaTec

Meet our new Partner! We are very happy to announce that Stakecube and MeaTec are now official partners. With Stakecube you are able to host Masternodes, learn everything about blockchain and crypto topics for free and enjoy a huge community of like-minded people. Staking and operating Masternodes are a great way to diversify your portfolio. StakeCube is […]

MeaTec’s Dashboard

All information at one glance MeaTec's Dashboard serves our customers as primary information tool to keep track of their mining hardware and their profits. In this article we will provide you with explanations on how to register and how to use MeaTec's Dashboard. Dashboard Registration/Login     With your Email address you can register for [...]

CryptoMonday Meetup | 09.12.19

On the ninth of December we were at the CryptoMonday Meetup in Stuttgart. The main topic was “Decentralized Finance in times of negative interest rates” and the main speaker was Sven Läpple, co-founder of the German Blockchain Association and the European BlockTech Federation as well as a member of the project advisory board of the […]

PROMO | January 2020

The year past by and we want to celebrate the new one with you. The whole january we offer a 5% discount on each device you order through us. Simply use this promo code: NWYR2020 Also follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter  to stay up-to-date on all upcoming discounts and news.

MeaTec on Tour | Siberia ´19

This december we made a trip to Siberia in order to visit one of our mining farms. We were glad to get to know the country better and we found it awesome.                     At first, we visited another farm and talked a lot about infrastructure and […]

World Digital Mining Summit at Frankfurt ( WDMS )

In October 2019 we attended the World Digital Mining Summit in Frankfurt, Germany. There we met all the big players in the mining scene. We had an awesome time and want to show you some pictures of what has been going on. We also really enjoyed the opening party on the first day of the […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

After your order has been placed and payed, we will send you our contract. You have to sign it and send it to us.

Afterwards we will start the process of sending your miner to our data center, where it will be set up.

After the first day of shipment, your device will usually be operational in 3-6 weeks.

No, you make a one time payment.

Electricity and administrative costs are automatically subtracted before payout.*

*excluded are defects of the hardware.

Every 7 days your coins are transferred to the Inhouse Wallet.
You as the Customer decide when the payments arrive. Option to get payout once a week or once a month.

Payout is in Bitcoin.

Please make sure to add your private wallet address to your profile.

You can reach the dashboard at


via .

For general questions or requests:

Everything regarding Meatec Dashboard topics:

Technical Support:

Any other question not listed on the faq

Contact us trough this Form