About MeaTec

MeaTec is a full service hosting company for mining hardware, such as ASICs. We have been in the business since 2017 and benefit from the professional experience of our employees.ps and conferences.


MeaTec LLC has been founded in 2019 as a successor of MeaTec UG. Our company is located in Georgia and enjoys all benefits of a technology-friendly country which translate well for our customers.


MeaTec is making an effort to help cryptocurrency mining become more accessible for everyone. From our years of experience in this field, we are aware that mining has a steep learning curve for most investors and even after mastering the theory one has to make an effort to keep the hardware running 24/7.


To help our customers in this regard, we built a full service hosting package for mining hardware. And we are always trying to improve our product to fit the needs of our new and experienced customers.


Our team is highly motivated to bringing you the best service possible. You can find us at regular meetu

Daniel Haas

Gianni Penna

Alexander Swid

Andreas Traxl

Markus Volmer