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We have different kinds of ASIC Miners available combined with hosting services for only 5.8$ cents per kWh. Also the shipment to our farms is included!

Our service fee (15%) is deducted from the profit after electricity costs.

You receive 85% of the net profit.

Your benefits at a glance:

Hardware & Hosting

We don't sell only hardware, we bring you the all-in-one package with hardware, shipment to our data centers, installation and operation of your mining hardware. You can just lean back and leave the technical work to us.

Mining Facilities

Your mining hardware is hosted in our data centers in the USA and Russia with optimized infrastructure and cooling solutions so your devices can do their thing.

Green Energy

Our farms all over the world are being powered by green energy only! The reason is simple: It is much cheaper and better for our environment.


We run your hardware in our facilities.


We ship the miner to one of our facilities for free.


The commissioning of your hardware is free-of-charge.


Check all your mining data with our brand new Dashboard.


Steady payments of your profits directly to your wallet.

Why MeaTec?


Our facilities guarantee a 95% uptime of your mining equipment.


With the MeaTec Dashboard you have insights in all important data concerning your mining hardware.

Additional costs

You don't have to worry about extra costs after your purchase. Everything is inclusive.

Your device, your property

MeaTec does not own your device but is renting it from you.

Low electricity costs

Our partners can offer us exceptionally low electricity costs, so you can get the best prices possible.


You can monitor your devices' performance and income in our MeaTec dashboard.

Professional help and support

All our employees have long experience with mining equipment and logistics. You can contact us at any time.

Lean back and earn Bitcoin

With MeaTec you don't need to invest much time and effort. We take care of everything regarding your mining devices, like shipping, installation and repairs.

Payouts in Bitcoin

Your monthly earnings will be safely payed out to your personal wallet in Bitcoin.

Overclocking after warranty expires

You have the possibility to overclock your device to increase efficiency (only recommended after warranty is expired). You can request overclocking via email.

GPU / Rig Mining available

If you own a GPU or Rig Miner, you can also send us your miner to take care of it. Send us an email to clarify all the details of hosting your GPU Miner.