Mining made simple

Infinity Hash is building a tokenized self-sustaining crypto-mining ecosystem. Hold your Infinity Hash tokens, and passively earn BTC rewards from our ever-growing mining farms

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Investing in Bitcoin mining is a difficult proposition for most people as it requires a source of energy that is both reliable and cheap. Moreover, not everyone can afford the costs associated with the purchase, installation and maintenance of mining equipment. Infinity Hash makes Bitcoin mining accessible to everyone by tokenizing their Bitcoin mining operations, which operate at the minimum possible energy costs

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Green Energy

Our operation uses hydroelectric power, one of the cleanest electricity sources

Full Transparency

Monthly expenditure reports and 24/7 live video feed ensure that our actions are transparent and verifiable

Daily Payouts

The Infinity Hash smart contract allows us to pay out mining rewards on a daily basis to all token holders

Lowest energy costs

Our energy costs are extremely competitive thanks to our on-site production of electricity

Autonomous Operation

Infinity Hash carefully manages the operation of all mining machines, so that no action is required on the part of the investors


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How it works