Getting started – step-by-step

1. Choose a mining strategy – buy many cheap miners at low prices and quick ROI and low payouts or fewer expensive miners with long ROI and higher payouts or a hybrid of the two or something different.

2. Choose a miner – ASIC or GPU (We do not currently support FPGA hosting but should you be interested in hosting a bigger quantity then reach out to us and we might be able to find a solution).

3. Place your order – after you have made your decision navigate to the available hardware.

4. Select the batch – depending on which batch you choose the prices vary. A ‘January Batch’ should preferably be deployed during the month of January, but obviously we aren’t in charge of all external factors.

5. Add to your cart – finalise your purchase by typing in vouchers or promo codes.

6. Select payment method – pay your miner with crypto via our Coinbase integration or fiat via SEPA bank transfer (Attention! Make sure your bank allows you to make transactions to Georgian banks).

7. Provide crypto wallet address – navigate to your dashboard and provide us with your crypto wallet address, so you can get your mining profits payed out. If you dont provide us with a wallet address from the get go, then we’ll just hold on to your profits until you are ready.

Payment Methods

At the moment we offer the following payment methods:

1. Crypto currencies via Coinpayment and Coinbase integration

2. Fiat via SEPA bank transfer in Euro

NB! Please be aware that we can only process your order once your payment has been fully confirmed!






Delivery Times

The delivery of the mining hardware happens in batches.

Usually a batch is described as the month in which the hardware is supposed to be delivered and installed in the data center. For example, ‘January Batch’ is to be delivered and installed between the first and last day of January and up and running as soon as possible thereafter.

There is also the option of “Installation-ready”.

This means that the hardware is in our warehouse near by and only has to be delivered to our data center. This normally takes 1-3 working days.

NB! If you chose to ship your own miners to us then shipping times may vary depending on the carrier. NEVER initiate a shipment to our datacenter without consulting us first – it might end up being stock or confiscated in the customs!!






What is Included?

Fully hosted service

With our fully hosted service you do not need to do anything really.

Normally crypto mining entails taking care of logistics, customs, installing, paying electricity costs on time.

With MEATEC you don’t need to worry about any of this.

We take care of everything.

Even your electricity costs are deducted automatically from the mining returns. 

NB! Please refer to our Tier Pricing System to calculate the price, if you want different service add-on’s.

Self-managed hosting

In this package the prices and level of engagement from our side depends on the level of service you want.





Fees & Costs

Please refer to our Tier Pricing-System to calculate the actual hosting price, as the final price depends on which different service add-on’s you select.


Management Fee: 0%
Electricity price: $ 0.075/kWh (Aprox. 6,8 €cent)

GPU Miner

Management Fee: 0%
Electricity price: $ 0.088/kWh (Aprox. 8,0 €cent)