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MeaTec’s Dashboard serves our customers as primary information tool to keep track of their mining hardware and their profits. In this article we will provide you with explanations on how to register and how to use MeaTec’s Dashboard.

Dashboard Registration/Login

With your Email address you can register for MeaTec’s Dashboard at You will receive a registration email with a verification link with which you can finalize the registration process.

If you just want to have a look at the Dashboard but don’t want to register quite yet, you can use the following login data:

Demo Version
Passwort: demo


In the above shown bar you are able to navigate  through the system. All relevant information can be found quick and intuitively.

  • Dashboard
  • Earnings
  • Account
  • Reinvest
  • Shop (führt zum Shop)
  • Contact
  • Logout


“Workers”, “Hashrate” and “Power”

After succesful registration and login you can access the Dashboard. In the sections “Workers”, “Hashrate” and “Power” you can see how many of your miners are active right now, how much hashrate is being generated and how much energy ist being used by the miners.
The Hashrate describes the productivity of your devices. It is important to reach a high hashrate, for a higher hashrate means your device can handle the mathematical operations faster and therefore is able to mine more coins in the same amount of time.
MeaTec uses green energy generated by hydropower plants which drops the electricity costs severely.

Graphics in detail

In the Details section you can see your daily mined Bitcoins, how many BTCs you have in your wallet and the current exchange rates for BTC/USD and BTC/EUR.

Graphics per Day and per Month

Revenue: Amount of currently mined Bitcoins by mining hardware.
Energy Cost: Price of used energy for mining bitcoin, shown in kw/h, BTC and USD.
Net Revenue: Netto revenue after deduction of energy costs, shown in BTC and USD.
Fees (15.00%): Amount of service fee, deducted from Ne Revenue (i.e. after deduction of energy costs)
Estimate: Estimated customer profit after deduction of all costs. The agreed upon service fees are always deducted from the net revenue.


In this diagram you can see your profits sorted bei day, month and year. This is an informational page  and gives you an overview over your profits.

Your Account

Under “Your Account” you can add your personal Wallet to your MeaTec Account so we are able transfer your earning fast and without problems to your personal wallet.
Please add your Wallet address as soon as possible to prevent delayed payouts.

In “Your Account” you’re also able to change your login password and soon there will be the possibility to switch on automatic reinvest.

There you can set a fixed percentage that will be reinvested in new mining hardware. You will be able to change this setting anytime.



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