Goldshell Mini-DOGE


Goldshell Mini-DOGE


  • Expected delivery time 7 days
  • All Miners in our facilities are powered with hydro power energy which ensures a very low electricity price.
  • For delivery dates please see our options above. The hardware is delivered in batches. That means, your miner will be delivered to our facility between the first and last of the specified month.

Our full hosting service for Crypto Miners includes

  • delivery and customs
  • installation in our data center
  • operation and repairs (if needed, and in agreement with you as our customer).

Technical Details

Hashpower 185Mh/s
Electricity Consumption 1,27Watt/Mh – 235 Watt
Mined Coin

Hosting Costs

In order to make your experience as smooth as possible, all prices include delivery costs and import tax.
Our electricity price is at $ 0.078/kWh. We substract electricity costs automatically from the mining return.

Please also refer to our guide How to order, if you are unsure about the process.


Delivery Date

Delivery target