THE Quizzz – 01 – January 2020

  • January 6, 2021

Welcome to your THE Quizzz - 01 - January 2020

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What day is celebrated in the cryptocurrency world as Bitcoin Pizza day?
Which of these countries is one of the current largest miners of Bitcoin?
In which of the following countries is the use of block chain currency banned?
The first game built using Ethereum technology is called?
How many Bitcoins in total are available for mining?
Which of the following is not the name of a cryptocurrency?
_____ is regarded as the smallest amount of Bitcoin, equivalent to 0.00000001?
On what technology is the infrastructure of crypto currency founded?
The first decentralised digital coin was created in?
What term is sometimes used to refer to other cryptocurrencies that are not Bitcoin?

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  1. Rasmus

    Im going to win!

  2. Markus

    Best Survey Game

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